Day 11 and 12 of 21 – Sugar Detox

So, I’m struggling. Depressed that I’m fluctuating these 2.5 pounds for almost the entire 2 weeks now. I confess I’ve been having a bowl of  coconut nearly every day, like with almond butter or whatever in it.  Boring I know, but a treat for me none-the-less.  It’s allowed I think, but I cut that out today and do feel a bit leaner and not so thick in the waist.  My challenge, I believe, is that I’m fighting age and am at the last 10-15 pounds to my ideal weight.  Also, I’ve yo-yo dieted and lo-carb dieted most of my adult life.  I think over all it has slowed my metabolism.  Listen up youngsters, take care of yourself and don’t let yourself and your health get out of control.  The road back is a long one.  I have to remember to appreciate and celebrate my achievements…  So I tell myself, “be happy that over the last couple of years you’ve dropped 5 dress sizes and over 70 pounds.  Yes, this last bit is slow, so what?  My positive self talk continues: “I’m a healthy normal size now and look good in my clothes.  I’ll live and fight this battle.”

How are you all doing?  Do you need to add some positive self talk to your regimen.  Do NOT beat yourself up, you are improving your health with every good choice you make, just by joining us on this 21 Day Sugar Detox challenge. Only a little over a week left until you can loosen the reigns a bit.  Be strong!

Do you need to set some new goals or intermediate goals to get you through?  If so, join us in “The Crossfit Open.”  We’ll be starting the first WOD this week.  Ready, Set, Go!


Day 9 and 10 of 21 Sugar Detox

Last night I made Salmon with Coconut Cream Sauce with Wild Caught from Ragin’ Cagun and it was delicious. Baked apples with cinnamon for dessert.  Sorry guys, no pictures, it’s all gone.  Tonight will be broiled herbed pork chops using pastured pork from Carlton Farms with baked sweet potatoes and salad.

I’m convinced I need to do more portion control to reach my goals.  My cravings got out of hand yesterday again, causing me to eat too many nuts – I am addicted.  Not sure why I’m craving. “Need more water;  fill up on water; stay busy and out of the refrigerator,” or so I tell myself.

I hope each of you enjoy your family this weekend and get outside before the rain moves in!

Day 8 of 21 – Sugar Detox

I wish I weren’t addicted to nuts; pecans, macadamia’s (when I can find them), almonds, any kind really. Love the things.  Have trouble moderating myself on them.  They seem to be what I gravitate toward for a snack now that I don’t eat sugar or chips.  Instead of one handful of 6 or so, I had three handfuls throughout the day. Too many.

Making kale chips every day needs to become a habit I guess.

So, I was doing well mid-week and slacked off on writing down my food intake… then I added bananas in and ate too many coconut muffins per day; back up on the scale the same amount I was down. I’ll start the food journal again today and try to only eat until I’m satisfied. In the face of stress, I think I’m just consuming too much.

Day 6 and 7 of 21 – Sugar Detox

Well yesterday went okay, but today I really fought the cravings.

I think the coconut flour muffins were awesome, but I’d added a tiny bit of pure Stevia along with unsweetened coconut and vanilla. I wonder if that small amount could really make me crave.  Diane of the 21 Day Sugar Detox lists pure Stevia as the only natural sweetener, but still doesn’t really want us having any sugar substitutes.  Definitely though, today  it was the chocolate truffles that tempted!

So I held fast. I ate leftovers and extra salad.  The cravings continued so I had a green tipped banana, almond butter, and coconut.  I felt satisfied, drank lots of water, and got busy.  I also love the Coconut Butter Lynsey picked up for me at Whole Foods!  Tastes great by itself, but I’ll use it in recipes mostly.

I cannot believe we started this detox a week ago already. Time sure does fly!

Day 4 and 5 – Sugar Detox

Day 4 for me was at the Crossfit GarageGamesOne.  Like Amanda said, it was freezing cold and difficult to be out in all day.

We were not able to cook out as planned b/c the fire marshall told us not to light our open flame 😦 boo.  So good thing I’d brought almonds, fruit, cut up veggies, and rotisserie chicken.  No need for ice even, it was so cold.  My coffee carafe was my favorite though, I must admit.  Blankets wrapped us when we weren’t doing a workout or run.

I really believe that the intense exercise and the extreme cold kept my hunger at bay.  Or was it the adrenaline?  I had to make myself eat mid-day because I thought I’d need the energy later for my next competition work out.

Oh goodness, by the end of the day I was exhausted! We wanted warmth and comfort food; sought out a nice restaurant we did.  I love that we could special order without all the carbs at Pure Taqueria; they even have mashed cauliflower there too!

Day 5: I felt like a train had hit me in the night, so decided to stay in and enjoy being with my family.  Also, the tennis team needed a substitute player in the afternoon, so I did give it my best there for a couple of hours.  The girls asked for pancakes or similar, so in the morning I made the Coconut Muffins from the 21-Day Sugar Detox Guide and they really hit the spot!  They liked them better with honey.  Hard to not eat more than one or two a day though…  I keep trying to tell myself, “it’s all about discipline.” One was great with my big spinach salad with the remaining rotisserie, bell pepper, cucumber, avocado, salsa, and homemade vinaigrette.

Wanted to eat something sweet late in the evening (probably b/c I was so tired and physically exhausted), but held fast and just had water instead.


Amanda’s Day 4

Well, this hasn’t been hard for me so far with exception of wanting gum and Lara Bars.  Until yesterday.  We were all at Garage Games One and it was sleeting and snowing and there were 20 mile wind gusts and it was 30 degrees.  I stumbled upon the volunteer tent and saw coffee and a variety of nuts, which was a major score.   As soon as I ripped open the pack of  healthy trail mix that I chose and dumped a big portion into my mouth, I chewed up a ton of delicious raisins.  Whoops.  I went ahead and ate the rest of it.  No biggie right?  Just a few raisins.  Well then someone handed me a certain recovery drink which I have always wanted to try.  I didn’t think about that either and just drank it.  Not a big deal either right?  Because it’s “sugar free?”  Well here’s a great example of why “sugar-free” isn’t really a great alternative:  my blood sugar spiked exactly the same as it does when I eat any other kind of sugar, be it white, in the raw, or from fruit, and I could feel myself go through the up and down.  And this morning I woke up craving pancakes and syrup.  I never crave pancakes and syrup, haven’t eaten them in who knows how long, and I can honestly say they are never a temptation for me.

So interesting thing here about these 4 days of sugar detox:

1. It really is addictive for me.

2. I don’t think when I have let my hunger go too far or apparently when I am freezing cold.

3. I confuse hunger with thirst.

4. I need to eat more throughout the day so that I don’t blow it when I get too hungry.

Self-realization by Amanda.  Have a great Sunday!