Spring Goals

Hi Everyone!

How is your Spring going? At my home, we have had some changes… planning a move out of state (don’t worry guys, I’ll be here through the summer), deciding wether to sell or rent our home, and the normal upheaval that comes with the end of the school year and summer plans. Along with our home lives, we are getting new Max Effort Reps at CrossFit Confidence and starting a new lifting program. I sure love seeing and meeting the new people that have joined as well! Welcome new folks! I hope you feel included and encouraged along your journey with us; I also know you will enjoy many positive results!

With the stress of an impending move, I was feeling out of control of my life and couldn’t figure out why. Since my husband’s new job is what is propelling us, I felt like I was on someone else’s ride. I want to maintain my balance, but instead it was feeling like a whirlwind. At first I drug my feet and procrastinated because I really didn’t “want” to move. But now reality is knocking so I am starting to get a move on. I’ve learned so much discipline in my CrossFit community and am actively and consciously applying it to my every day readiness in life. Ready, Set, Go… Get it done with the best form, as fast and efficient as possible… right? Goodness that is hard to apply to house clutter and getting children, and husbands;) motivated!

Also, I’ve come to the conclusion that my lack of momentum was partly because I had reached a couple of my previously set health goals and it was time to re-evaluate and make some new ones! I’ve reached a healthy weight and maintained it over time, I now try to show my children how to eat healthy and live an active lifestyle, and my migraines are manageable and infrequent. My depression also went away as I became active again. As I continue to work on other spiritual and personal goals, I now need to re-set and make new physical/educational ones to upgrade the ones that are met. So what shall they be? Shall I add to my CrossFit certifications or keep studying and training to potentially open an affiliate in the future new homesite? Or should I go back to college for my masters and progress to becoming a counselor? Decisions, decisions… Somehow I want to fuse my love of nutrition and fitness with helping people.

My question for you is how often do you re-evaluate and decide on your future course? Is it when things go sour in life? Is it when you complete previous goals? Or when a new inspiration takes you off in a new direction? With the change of season? All of our personalities are different and that is what makes us unique. Some of us make a list of goals every year and check them off. Some of us add to our goals and never meet all of them, but they are ever evolving as well. Some people don’t plan at all and let the wind lead them. I believe action creates momentum and God has a plan for all of us. So, if I haven’t yet fulfilled my purpose for Him, then I am to keep moving forward, but also looking Up for guidance. What do you need to re-evaluate in your life? Do you need to set some new personal or spiritual goals?

Have a smoothie or some lemon water while you think on it…

Creamy Coconut Cinnamon Smoothie


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