Spring Break Food and Suit Shopping…

I thought this week I’d give you some food ideas – click the links for the recipes. It is already hot outside and my palate is craving fresh fruit and summer (read easy) foods.

First: Paleo Pancakes…It’s what’s on the breakfast menu for Spring Break! My girls loved them! I used the recipe from The Urban Poser and added the optional blueberries. Yes, we made it nice with coconut butter as topping, warm maple syrup, bacon, and fluffy scrambled eggs. A big hit with the family as we enjoyed it outside on the deck! They said the pancakes tasted like “normal.” Of course, my girls don’t get “normal” but once in a blue moon or on vacation, so don’t go expecting miracles from a newbie just off of “Hungry Jack” or something:-) I too thoroughly enjoyed them.

Snack: Needed something portable, but with the addition of too many blueberries they turned out a little “wet.” So, this week we are enjoying frozen home-made lara bars, with blueberries and coconut on top. Very refreshing and yummy.

Next: One of the dinners that the girls liked was: grass-fed ground beef turned into a natural version of sloppy joe’s wrapped in lettuce and served with salad and broccoli. I just made this one up with spices I had on hand and a splash of apricot/jalepeno sauce with no preservatives and seemingly natural ingredients. On our “grab and growl” meal, it was a fight for who got those leftovers!

Additionally, I missed the beach so much last year that I decided we must go for Spring Break. A few days of fun in the sun! So onto bathing suit shopping… torture? kill me now? My oldest daughter is only 11 1/2 and body image is already affecting her. No fun! Then it was my turn to shop for a new suit. At least my old ones are too big, right? I was determined and started out right, like Missus Smarty Pants would advise: alone, no children, not hungry etc… Still I had to fight the body image demons as I wanted to pick myself apart. However, since CrossFit and Paleo, I must say, “it was less painful than I can remember!” 🙂 I worked on replacing any negative thought of age or cellulite with positive thoughts like, “I am the most fit I have ever been in my entire life” and “I look athletic and toned, not flabby.” Thinking to myself: “I am a healthy mom trying to teach my children a healthy way of life, I sleep good through the night, don’t have the headaches I used to have, am stronger and have more energy now!” How is that for positive self-talk? Although I’m constantly trying to improve, I’m also trying to have balance; to find peace of mind and do the best I can. So, hopefully, you will conquer the demons like I did and bathing suit shopping won’t get you down. If it does, come WOD with me or let me Overhall your pantry!

Check out Stacy’s journey (from PaleoParents) for more inspiration on a healthy image. Actually, several of our favorite experts in the field of Paleo have been blogging on this subject lately, for instance: Diane Sanfilippo from BalancedBites.com. Check them out.

Also, thinking I need to take a hint from Amanda and WOD on the beach, Kettle-bell too? Sounds like fun!


One response to “Spring Break Food and Suit Shopping…

  1. I like the idea of you overhauling people’s pantries. You could go somewhere with this……Terre’s Tune-Ups.

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