Last Week of Sugar Detox…

Hey Everyone!  How are you doing?  We are in the last week of our 21 Day Sugar Detox, so don’t quit now!

I’m taking the suggestion from Diane of The 21 Day Sugar Detox, and having a cup of Peppermint Tea.  It’s delicious!

I wanted to side track so badly this week;  and so let Terra Veggie chips enter the house.  Big mistake!  I should know better than to allow something in that I really like.  So yep, indulged – fully knowing that the oils they are cooked in aren’t the best.  And guess what?  I could taste it on some of the chips, mainly on the beets.  Amazing what cleaning up the oil and sugar from my palate allowed me to taste. I did successfully refuse the offer of popcorn at the school though;  it smelled great and is one of my weaknesses.

Onto the good stuff:  I won’t bore you with my usual rotisserie over salad plus veggies I eat, but tell you instead of a couple of recipes I made that are easy and adaptable.  First up is No Chopping Dinner: basically use up whatever ground meat you have, mix in frozen veggies, flavor it up and all done. Easy one skillet meal.

Next, you guys really ought to try the Paleo Comfort Foods Cookbook. It’s stellar and many of the recipes can be modified for what you have on hand or your personal tastes.  They have suggestions in that vain as well.   I chose to make the Pot Roast but had to do it in my crock pot and substitute out some of the vegetables.  Turned out delicious anyway!

image courtesy of and paleo comfort foods

So, making sure I fixed tasty food this week is what got me over the temptation to give up and quit early.  Just push through next Wednesday:-)  Unless of course you will be doing an extra week for good measure.  That’s what Robb Wolfe suggests – 30 days.  What do you say?


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