Day 11 and 12 of 21 – Sugar Detox

So, I’m struggling. Depressed that I’m fluctuating these 2.5 pounds for almost the entire 2 weeks now. I confess I’ve been having a bowl of  coconut nearly every day, like with almond butter or whatever in it.  Boring I know, but a treat for me none-the-less.  It’s allowed I think, but I cut that out today and do feel a bit leaner and not so thick in the waist.  My challenge, I believe, is that I’m fighting age and am at the last 10-15 pounds to my ideal weight.  Also, I’ve yo-yo dieted and lo-carb dieted most of my adult life.  I think over all it has slowed my metabolism.  Listen up youngsters, take care of yourself and don’t let yourself and your health get out of control.  The road back is a long one.  I have to remember to appreciate and celebrate my achievements…  So I tell myself, “be happy that over the last couple of years you’ve dropped 5 dress sizes and over 70 pounds.  Yes, this last bit is slow, so what?  My positive self talk continues: “I’m a healthy normal size now and look good in my clothes.  I’ll live and fight this battle.”

How are you all doing?  Do you need to add some positive self talk to your regimen.  Do NOT beat yourself up, you are improving your health with every good choice you make, just by joining us on this 21 Day Sugar Detox challenge. Only a little over a week left until you can loosen the reigns a bit.  Be strong!

Do you need to set some new goals or intermediate goals to get you through?  If so, join us in “The Crossfit Open.”  We’ll be starting the first WOD this week.  Ready, Set, Go!


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