Day 8 of 21 – Sugar Detox

I wish I weren’t addicted to nuts; pecans, macadamia’s (when I can find them), almonds, any kind really. Love the things.  Have trouble moderating myself on them.  They seem to be what I gravitate toward for a snack now that I don’t eat sugar or chips.  Instead of one handful of 6 or so, I had three handfuls throughout the day. Too many.

Making kale chips every day needs to become a habit I guess.

So, I was doing well mid-week and slacked off on writing down my food intake… then I added bananas in and ate too many coconut muffins per day; back up on the scale the same amount I was down. I’ll start the food journal again today and try to only eat until I’m satisfied. In the face of stress, I think I’m just consuming too much.


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