Day 6 and 7 of 21 – Sugar Detox

Well yesterday went okay, but today I really fought the cravings.

I think the coconut flour muffins were awesome, but I’d added a tiny bit of pure Stevia along with unsweetened coconut and vanilla. I wonder if that small amount could really make me crave.  Diane of the 21 Day Sugar Detox lists pure Stevia as the only natural sweetener, but still doesn’t really want us having any sugar substitutes.  Definitely though, today  it was the chocolate truffles that tempted!

So I held fast. I ate leftovers and extra salad.  The cravings continued so I had a green tipped banana, almond butter, and coconut.  I felt satisfied, drank lots of water, and got busy.  I also love the Coconut Butter Lynsey picked up for me at Whole Foods!  Tastes great by itself, but I’ll use it in recipes mostly.

I cannot believe we started this detox a week ago already. Time sure does fly!


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