Day 4 and 5 – Sugar Detox

Day 4 for me was at the Crossfit GarageGamesOne.  Like Amanda said, it was freezing cold and difficult to be out in all day.

We were not able to cook out as planned b/c the fire marshall told us not to light our open flame 😦 boo.  So good thing I’d brought almonds, fruit, cut up veggies, and rotisserie chicken.  No need for ice even, it was so cold.  My coffee carafe was my favorite though, I must admit.  Blankets wrapped us when we weren’t doing a workout or run.

I really believe that the intense exercise and the extreme cold kept my hunger at bay.  Or was it the adrenaline?  I had to make myself eat mid-day because I thought I’d need the energy later for my next competition work out.

Oh goodness, by the end of the day I was exhausted! We wanted warmth and comfort food; sought out a nice restaurant we did.  I love that we could special order without all the carbs at Pure Taqueria; they even have mashed cauliflower there too!

Day 5: I felt like a train had hit me in the night, so decided to stay in and enjoy being with my family.  Also, the tennis team needed a substitute player in the afternoon, so I did give it my best there for a couple of hours.  The girls asked for pancakes or similar, so in the morning I made the Coconut Muffins from the 21-Day Sugar Detox Guide and they really hit the spot!  They liked them better with honey.  Hard to not eat more than one or two a day though…  I keep trying to tell myself, “it’s all about discipline.” One was great with my big spinach salad with the remaining rotisserie, bell pepper, cucumber, avocado, salsa, and homemade vinaigrette.

Wanted to eat something sweet late in the evening (probably b/c I was so tired and physically exhausted), but held fast and just had water instead.



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