Amanda’s Day 4

Well, this hasn’t been hard for me so far with exception of wanting gum and Lara Bars.  Until yesterday.  We were all at Garage Games One and it was sleeting and snowing and there were 20 mile wind gusts and it was 30 degrees.  I stumbled upon the volunteer tent and saw coffee and a variety of nuts, which was a major score.   As soon as I ripped open the pack of  healthy trail mix that I chose and dumped a big portion into my mouth, I chewed up a ton of delicious raisins.  Whoops.  I went ahead and ate the rest of it.  No biggie right?  Just a few raisins.  Well then someone handed me a certain recovery drink which I have always wanted to try.  I didn’t think about that either and just drank it.  Not a big deal either right?  Because it’s “sugar free?”  Well here’s a great example of why “sugar-free” isn’t really a great alternative:  my blood sugar spiked exactly the same as it does when I eat any other kind of sugar, be it white, in the raw, or from fruit, and I could feel myself go through the up and down.  And this morning I woke up craving pancakes and syrup.  I never crave pancakes and syrup, haven’t eaten them in who knows how long, and I can honestly say they are never a temptation for me.

So interesting thing here about these 4 days of sugar detox:

1. It really is addictive for me.

2. I don’t think when I have let my hunger go too far or apparently when I am freezing cold.

3. I confuse hunger with thirst.

4. I need to eat more throughout the day so that I don’t blow it when I get too hungry.

Self-realization by Amanda.  Have a great Sunday!


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