Day 3 of 21 – Sugar Detox!

Well we are getting ready for TheGarageGames tomorrow so I took a day off working out today. Overall a great day!

Boy was I mad first thing this morning though, when I realized the Pico I’d had on my eggs yesterday had Dextrose and Sugar in it.  I’m usually so vigilant about reading labels; don’t know how that occurred. Trashed that huge container!  Thankfully my TexMex Salsa had none and I added that plus my guacamole to my scrambled ones today.  Then I thought I’d make oven bacon and planned on saving some for tomorrow.  Nope, burnt it.  Thinner cut than I usually do and my oven wasn’t hot yet, so set it for too long:-(.  Oh well.

Too busy for lunch so had some toasted pecans leftover from yesterday and ate leftover chili as an afternoon snack.  Rotisserie and veggies for dinner rounded out the day nicely.  So pleased that I cut back two cups on my coffee today, but needed to have consumed more water.  I also think all the popcorn, two drinks, and coconut milk ice cream that I had over the weekend is finally starting to loosen up.  Now, if I can just sleep…I’m so excited and a little anxious about tomorrow.

Goodnight and blessings to all of you!


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