Day 2 of 21 – Sugar Detox

Today was easier food-wise,  much in part to me staying away from home and out of the kitchen!

I had two eggs fried in coconut oil this morning topped with pico de gallo before my workout and a post work out Spark drink.  Diane, author of The 21 Day Sugar Detox advises to limit the caffeine mainly because it will make us have cravings.  Man, it sure is hard to limit my coffee (and Spark now too I guess).  I can drink coffee all day if I let myself; love a nice cup…small indulgences.

Life is also sweeter when a good friend takes me to lunch, especially when lunch is 7-pepper sirloin over salad and french onion soup! Yes the waiter told me that the way I ordered it:  oil & vinegar for the salad and the soup with no sugar, cheese, or croutons sounded like I was in jail.  Do I look like I’d know?

Like I said earlier, staying busy this afternoon helped me to not overeat today.   I was really hungry though by the time I got home, unloaded the vehicle and reloaded it, along with my youngest, to go pick up oldest at the middle school.  So a handful of toasted pecans and water fit the bill in the car.

Luckily I’d made the chili yesterday for this evenings meal and just had to add some salad fixings, chop a red bell pepper, and English cucumber to accompany  it.  Applesauce with the serving of lemon flavored Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil had to go down the hatch, then they had more applesauce with cinnamon for desert.  Oh goodness, now why did I have two servings?  A little too much I think now that I’m too full and tasting it still. I’ll have to work on my portion control for sure.

I am writing down everything today and noticing that, like Amanda pointed out in comments, I may think I’m hungry when really I’m thirsty.  Of course this is just an echo in my head of what my mom tells me!  My mother also says drinking lemon/lime water is a natural appetite suppressant.  So guess what I’ll be adding to that water tonight, when I think I’m about to dig into some type of food again.  No the 85% cocoa is not on the ‘yes’ food list.  Only the 100% is.  Don’t have that in house but it would probably flavor my unsweetened coconut really nicely.  Then of course I’d want to add honey and we aren’t supposed to enjoy that for these 21 days.  So…

Next up, a recipe to try in the near future: Balanced Bites Seared Lamb Chops

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