Quick Stuffed Peppers and Other Food Fixin’s

Hi Everyone!  I hope this week is wrapping up good for you!  Most of you know that I was busy over the weekend attending the Crossfit Level 1 Certification Class, therefore I didn’t have time to plan and shop for groceries.  Monday evening came around too quickly. What was I going to feed my hungry crew?  In the refrigerator I found some salad fixings and CarltonFarms Pastured MSG free breakfast sausage. Hmmm, my grandmother always stuffed bell peppers with ground beef, baked in the oven until the cheese melted and bubbled on top. So, a variation possibly?  And fast?

I put on water to boil while I browned the sausage.  I added onion, garlic, as well as shredded carrot for good color and fiber; then I crushed in dried italian seasonings; although a mexican flare would be great also.  So while the meat cooked, I was able to seed, de-rib, and half the bell peppers in order to throw them in the boiling water to get them cooking and soften some.  Put the two together and finished off in the oven to marry the flavors… what do you have?  Beautiful and delicious quick sausage stuffed bell peppers!   If you do dairy, parmesan curls are the perfect addition.

Also, yesterday I was in the mood to cook!  Didn’t take pictures, but spoiled my family with chicken chili and Home made Cashew Bars.  Come WOD with us tomorrow and you can taste the bars too. Hint, I even splurged and added some Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips! Can’t beat chocolate chip nutty fruit bars!!!


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