Fresh Lara Bars passed the “kid” test!

I told you they are a delicious treat, and my girls LOVE them!

Personalize the fruit & nut “lara” bars to your own taste by changing the nuts (maybe walnuts for their omegas) or healthier by switching the chocolate out to carob chips etc. This recipe is soooo flexible.  The ones you tasted this morning were made using the dimensions in this delicious Foodie With Family  recipe but with what I had on hand:  cashews (avoid nuts processed with oils), dates, organic chocolate chips, and almond butter.  I have to remember to tell myself that it’s natural sugar, but still sugar none-the-less.  Enjoy sparingly or as a treat.

Photo used Courtesy of Foodie With Family


6 responses to “Fresh Lara Bars passed the “kid” test!

  1. How much of everything did you use? I’m assuming you just threw everything into the blender? How long did you bake for and what did you set the temp to?

    • No baking required:-) Just follow the proportions and directions on the ‘Foodie with Family’ link within the article and you won’t be disappointed! Also, if you use a blender instead of a food processor, you will need to do it in smaller batches than recommended.

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