Is your family mixed up?

Some of us have household members that don’t eat as clean as we’d like, “mixed” shall we say – food-wise.

How to serve a mixed food family:  I might be the only one in my house eating Paleo.  What to do?  Well if I am the main cook, then I have the upper hand; I think.  You will too if you rid your house of the “bad” stuff and don’t replace it! Would it hurt them to  get hungry enough to try something else 🙂

It actually has taken me a while to transition my family to primarily paleo food.  Starting out, I just substituted healthier versions whenever possible, making everyone at least try the new item.  I also figured that I could cook a healthy meat dish and vegetable or salad, and then add a small amount of “healthy as they will consume” carbohydrate.  At first, I might choose a whole grain rice or ezekiel brand tortillas to accompany the dish.  Or, I might mix red potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, and rutabegas together in roasted potatoes.  Another suggestion is what I do when I have family in town: when serving Sauce, I serve both spaghetti squash and a small amount of whole grain pasta (so it fills them up faster than traditional).

For breakfast, switching them from cereal and toast everyday was a challenge. In the beginning, all I did was switch out the regular toasted bread/muffin for ezekiel brand cinnamon raisin muffins; as well as switched them to natural peanut butter and fruit juice sweetened jam/jelly.  Then I also started insisting that the cereal must have at least three grams of fiber, 10 or less grams of sugar, and some protein. That one stipulation alone cut down the selection of cereals to a handful of choices, but at least they had some type of cereal they thought.  And bonus, it taught my children to read labels!  Sally Fallon would probably have me do no cereal whatsoever, but it helped transition my girls and hubby.

So, nowadays  I have successfully switched them to eggs and meat most mornings! We also have a new favorite smoothie, creamy macadamia coffee, that meets my criteria of good fat/protein/low sugar.  I admit, there are some days too that ezekiel bread is spread with natural peanut butter (or almond butter if we are out of the other – I wouldn’t be slow in buying more on purpose would I? ;)) and honey instead of jelly.  So I am happy for improvements and continue to educate on why traditional flour is inflammatory etc. Furthermore, they now know that if having bread, it needs to be from sprouted or soaked grains, such as Sally Fallon & Mary Enig recommend in their Nourishing Traditions cookbook.

So what do we do for a party, or superbowl since that is drawing near?  These are usually events that other friends and family expect certain foods, like birthday cake or chips and dip.  What do you serve?

For me, I’m thinking I will “health” up the traditional stuff.  This will mean some planning and making food from scratch I think; more meat and veggies, less simple carbohydrates.   I’ll make some kale chips, and if I’m lazy buy some veggie chips that are not baked in canola oil but in expeller pressed or olive oil…the best I can find.   Also, I’ll be making my own Fast Paleo hot wings this time.  Robb Wolf’s site also has a larger recipe for “dry” easy paleo chicken wings that look delicious!  A fruit salad (with a little splurge of chocolate added) will round out the options nicely I think.  What are you making for superbowl or your next get-together?


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